AI Clear - TS1 vs TS2 results

I have previously read some comments relating to possible differences with AIC in TS1 vs TS2 (usually with favor toward the former), but I only experienced this myself yesterday.

I loaded a jpeg photo in TS2 and applied (1st) AI Clear and nothing else. I immediately noticed that the exposure shifted slightly (I verified this by the histogram). I never recalled this happening with TS1:AIC, so I loaded the same photo and applied AIC there. Sure enough, the noise/detail changed (as expected), but the exposure did not; there was virtually no change in the histogram (both using the default settings).

I tested further using the before/after of both apps and it was obvious in the differences. So, whether it is by design or not, the AIC processing in TS2 is definitely not exactly the same as in TS1.

Perhaps this is already widely accepted to be the case. (TS2 v2.0.10)

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