AI Clear Trial discussion

How can I get and install the 30 day free trial version of AI Clear? I cannot find any information on the Web site. Thanks.

From within Topaz Studio, I assume you have downloaded and installed it, open an image and select the AI Clear adjustment then click on ‘Try pro’ on the bottom left-hand side of the AI Clear Adjustment you applied to the image.

Thanks Don. I now have the AI Clear trial working in Studio. I am new to Studio, although I am a long time user of the Topaz Photoshop plugins. When I open an image in Photoshop and do the following

Choose Filter > Topaz Studio > Topaz Studio from the menu.
In Studio I choose Adjustments > AI Clear and wait while it processes the image.
Click the OK button in the lower right corner to return to Photoshop.

When I return to Photoshop the image is unchanged. What must I do to get the changes made by AI Clear in Studio back to Photoshop? Thanks.

That is the right process, note that AI Clear processing may not be noticable if the image doesn’t have noise or doesn’t need the tone adjusted.

The best way to view changes is at 100% in both Studio and your house application.

The image was shot at ISO 25,600 and definitely does have noise. I was wrong when I said that the result was not being returned to Photoshop. When I toggle the layer from which noise was removed by AI Clear on and off so I can compare it to the background layer I can see that some dark tones are lightened very slightly and the noise in those areas is increased. Nowhere in the image is noise reduced. I have been viewing the images at 100% throughout this discussion. Based on this test my conclusion is that AI Clear does not work.

I repeated the test shot at ISO 6400. In this shot there was much less noise than at ISO 25600 and AI Clear did remove noise in some areas but not others. Guess I’ll stay with Lightroom and Denoise 6 for now. Thanks for your help.

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When I click on ‘Try Pro’ for AI Clear in Studio, nothing appears to change, any suggestions on getting the trial to work? (I’ve upgraded to v1.11.5 of Studio), and I was able to get the pro trial on the B&W filters working without issue.

I’m having the same problem, have’nt tried with anything else though.

I tried one image, The noise was slightly increased, and detail was lost. If I increased the detail, the noise increased dramatically. I hope that I am doing something wrong, and that there is a tutorial for this coming out soon. Otherwise I would say Denoise does a much better job and easier to use.

I was able to access the trial after selecting Help -> Reset Local Database. There may be a less dramatic solution, but it worked. Like the others on this thread, my initial experience didn’t blow me away. On an ISO 400 shot with a Canon 7D I wasn’t able to reduce the noise without losing significant detail. Maybe I’m using it wrong (not that there’s a lot of options), but so far I would agree with Michael Yessik, that Denoise does a better job.

Very Important to Understand

AI Clear, like most noise reduction, should be done at the very beginning of your workflow to achieve optimal results.

If you’re pushing an image stack or product through AI Clear after already doing processing on the image you’re not going to get a good result. You are likely to get much better results with Denoise or the Reduce Noise adjustment in these cases, where you can manually adjust settings to your liking.

AI Clear is not meant to be a replacement for Denoise or Reduce Noise, it’s a completely different tool for processing images out of camera and quickly getting a cleaner and sharper result at the beginning of your processing

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I wish there was a User Manual or a tutorial, so that I could get the best results for this tool. I tried just taking the RAW file directly into Topaz Studio and applying AI Clear as the only adjustment. The results were poor with noise and loss of detail. Trying to correct exposure, color, etc., at that point was much more difficult compared to running it through ACR.
Your statement that it is not meant to be a replacement for Denoise is very confusing. I though that was exactly what is was supposed to be. The only example of its use, which is the video by Joel Wolfson, says that you save a lot of time by using this instead of Denoise and that is its big virtue.

Can you further elucidate on your statement about this?

Can you provide more details such as what type of RAW file it was and what ISO f-stop, and speed it was and, if Sony, was it from one of their 1" sensors such as the RX100 series, RX10 etc or the Nikon CX?

Yes, a NEF from a Nikon D500, 1/800s, ISO 1600. 300mm lens with 1.4 TC: f 5.6 at 420mm focal length. The picture was underexposed and so showed a fair amount of noise when brightness was increased. When Denoise was used before increasing exposure, it came out pretty good.

Honestly in those situations you are better off using DeNoise for under or over exposed photos as recovering shadows or highlights will always introduce noise that isn’t from the sensor but from the application you are using to process the image.

AI Clear will adjust the nose and tone before you raise the brightness but after that you are better off using DeNoise or the Reduce Noise adjustment to correct introduced nose.

AI Clear is NOT a replacement for DeNoise or the Reduce Noise adjustment.

Also I forgot to mention that using an extender will always reduced the image quality as it is pushing the limits of the original focal length.

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I’ve been using Topaz tools as plug ins for PS for ages.

I didn’t get studio because I don’t really like having to switch between multiple applications.

However a comment above seems to indicate there is an easy way to flow images between studio and PS. Is that correct? If so where is it documented? I also avoided studio because I didn’t see much value added however if this new noise tool really works that would change.

thanks for any info!

Studio is installed as a plugin to PS during the installation. Try it, it’s free in its basic form!

Just a point here I had trouble signing in so in the end deleted Studio and reinstalled it, now it takes an age to render an image, so what are the stats for running AI clear. Certainly as it is it isnt worth the money far too slow.

I also had problems with night shoots (ISO 20,000, Canon 6D MKII). Following the suggestion here I processed the photo with IA Clear first. There was significant improvements in the detailed areas but the noise in the sky was still bad. I applied Denoise 6 and resolved the noisy sky. A very different result then implied by the advertising! Still undecided whether I will pay after the 30 day trail.

Please reply to Bazsl observation that when he returns to photoshop after using AI clear the image is not the same as in studio, ie the AI clear process has not been applied.
I like the result of AI clear in studio, I saved the image in studio opened the image in photoshop and noticed that AI clear sharpening is not saved, is this because it is a trial?