AI Clear - saved results don't match preview

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I’m a long-time user of various Topaz plugins; today I added AI Clear. The results I see when I save back to photoshop do not match what I see in the preview window.

Consider this crop of a picture taken at high ISO in a very poorly lit dance rehearsal.

Here’s what it looks like in the preview window of Topaz Studio, with HD enabled

And here’s what it looks like when I export it to Photoshop, or save it as a TIFF

Now, this is significantly noise-reduced from the original…

but if it was possible to get something closer to the preview that would be great…

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I believe it’s a known but when using studio through Photoshop. Hopefully fixed soon.

Shouldn’t be an issue if you use the studio standalone.

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Firstly make sure you are using Topaz Studio 1.12.6, if not perform a check for software updates and update to the latest.

Try using the settings you see in this screenshot as I think what you are seeing is artifacting from excessive detail recovery and sharpness enhancement:

The image I used here is a very dark ISO12800 shot as a JPEG where you can see the before and then the after in PS CS 6 …

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Thank you for the suggestions. I did some playing, and I think that part of the problem was that Adobe Camera Raw was doing some processing on import. By removing that altogether, then dropping the detail recovery down to 0.0, I was able to get much better results.

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