AI Clear: Preview and final result differ

(Doc Bob) #22

JoeFredric, I’m patient, but this is a major flaw, and should be simple to fix. It it not as if AI clear doesn’t work, the on screen prewiew images are perfect. It is a SAVING problem. How do we put more pressure on the developers to fix it? I will take this conversation over to DPReview and make it clear that Topaz is dragging its feet on this one.

(Jack) #23

It would be too easy for a small team to be described as “dragging its feet!” Topazlabs and their products are enormously powerful, and many in the community understand how the team “bends over backwards” to develop their new products and iron-out the flaws. And this is such a case in point - Joe has very generously recognized that Topazlabs are at fault, and has given you a free licence. It seems unfair for you to go to other sites and stir negative feelings for them. But that’s just me…

(Doc Bob) #24

Jack, I haven’t asked for or received a refund… I think the price is reasonable for what you get. I just want to get it fixed. I am reacting to JoeFrederic saying that he’s just the messenger and has no influence. So I’m trying to have some influence.

BTW I’ve been a Topaz user for 10 years, I’m not a newbee with too high expectations.

(jplenio) #25

Hi Torcello, I’m the one that received a refund, and that was really generous of TopazLabs, thanks again for that! :slight_smile: Although I would prefer to get this issue solved. I’m sure they get it solved, it’s hopefully just a matter of time.

BTW I’m a big fan of TopazLabs and own almost all of their product line, and love it.


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(Joe) #26

You’ve been refunded, and can keep the license for A.I. Clear.

I’d like to point out that refunds due to a non-working product is influence. So, I’m taking the steps I have available to me in order to get this problem addressed on behalf of our users.

Remember, a problem not getting fixed as quickly as you’d like doesn’t mean we’re not working on it. If you can’t use your product, just send us a message and we’ll refund you. We understand we aren’t going to satisfy everyone, but at the very least we won’t leave you with a product you can’t use and a dent in your wallet because of it. Thanks!

(Bob Bernstein) #27

Joe, I was not asking for a refund. I think AI applications are the future of photographic processing and I really like the direction Topaz is going in. I just want this product to work properly. What I want is that you light a fire under the development team and get it fixed.

Thank you for the refund, but you deserve the support of users like me in real dollars. Either reverse it, or let me pay again when the product is fixed…


Bob Bernstein,

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(Joe) #28

Bob, I can’t reverse refunds, but I will keep the license on your account. With our current license schema, you can only purchase one copy of A.I. Gigapixel per account. When we add the ability to buy more than one license per account for this product, we’ll gladly accept further payment. For now, this one is on us. Reports like this help us get fixes in place before the software lands on more machines with problems.

I think delivering a working product will bring in the support we need. For now, bug reports like this represent our path to moving forward. Thanks again for your report.

(Jack) #29

That’s a magnanimous response from Joe Fedric and Topazlabs!

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(Joe) #30

I would like to clarify that I’m not refunding orders here because I just want folks to go away. I want to make it clear that this is a problem that renders the product unusable for its purpose. Anytime you cannot use a product, we don’t want you to have to hang around for an undeterminable amount of time for a fix. Some issues we can get escalated and fixed immediately. Others will take some planning and time to execute, and support has no real visibility on how long any given issue is going to take if it’s not a 5-alarm fire.

We are working on improving the bug report process so that more problems are addressed, and hope to see quicker solutions to problems like this. Unfortunately, several of you have been dealing with this problem for a very long time, and we’re communicating that to our team so that we can get even more problems fixed. Thanks for your time and support.

(BeYou) #31

I have the same problem, too, and just sent in a ticket to your help desk. And then I found this thread.
First of all, let me clarify that I am not interested in a refund. I’d prefer to have you in business, rather than paying out refunds. <3
But, what I’d love to get is a prompt e-mail as SOON as the problem has been fixed, since this is a tool I will use over and over and over again…

Just like the starter of this thread, I could not manage without your plug-ins. I have MANY of TL’s plug-ins and I have used them on a daily basis for the past 5 years or so. I often photograph in low-light situations and AI clear would be a huge life and time saver, if you could get it to work. <3

Also - is there some way I can use batch processing together with AI clear, if I need to work through - let’s say - 1000 images at a time?