AI Clear not going to be lost

Recently asked Topaz if we users were going to loose AI Clear and have to use DeNoise AI instead.
Topaz replied…
"Right now we are not planning on taking away AI Clear from current users. We understand that AI Clear was a beloved product, and we hope that DeNoise AI will get to that level and exceed it for you in the future.

I hope this answers your question!".

Well that actually did make my day a lot brighter.
AI Clear is such a neat wee program. Fast, and easy.
I use both AI Clear and DeNoise AI and find that ‘at the moment’ AI Clear produces a cleaner, sharper image (for me). As always, YMMV.
Thanks Topaz. Happy camper here.


It’s nice to have access to products we’ve used and continue to like working with. As long as we understand there won’t be cust. spt. provided for those products after a certain point I don’t see why they’d have to be pulled and/or made unusable (unless there’s code that ‘fights’ a newer product and makes a product inoperable or unreliable).

Good to know it’s not going to be lost. I use AI Clear a lot. I found DeNoise to be much slower, and honestly not quite as effective.

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