AI Clear not exporting correctly

I do not export may changes very often so I missed this early on with my AI Clear testing.
Here I have a before and after outside of studio and inside of studio.
The Inside studio After looks GREAT but once saved it does not look nearly as good anymore (the rocks especially).
It’s like I’m doing something wrong but I am just doing a singe adjustment with AI Clear and taking all the default values.
Before outside of Studio

Before inside Studio

After inside Studio

After outside Studio

Make sure any comparisons you do are viewed at 100%, this looks like the production version.

The small rocks in your picture are out of focus (shallow depth of field). The problem is you have the HD mode turned off so what you are seeing on the inside Studio picture is an interpolated version, which looks sharper. Use the HD mode to see what you will get and this will allow you to zoom without AI Clear recalculating (unless you change another adjustment).

This is the PR. I thought that is the latest one and the one I should be testing with.

Thanks Artisan-West, that did make a huge differences. With HD on, the small rocks no longer longer look sharp and when I export, the sharpness of the exported file does match the preview.


Can we close this thread?

Yes. My issue was just what Artisan-West said.