AI Clear -- Magenta Artifacts Introduced into High Contrast Image

I’ve really liked the results of using AI Clear in my landscape work. With crummy weather, I’ve been doing some studio work; still life, product, abstracts. Yesterday I was working on an abstract and found that AI Clear is introducing a magenta artifact, probably in the sharpening step. Has anyone else seen this? Screen shots below are: 1) original image, 2) after AI Clear - magenta artifacts appear (hopefully these will be visible here), 3) after AI Clear, but changing layer type to Luminosity - magenta artifacts removed, but lose some of the sharpening effect.

It can’t bee seen here as the resolution is probably not enough doing screen shot, especially of a image that is at 244% view.

Raise a support request at the Need Help? link above and include the Technical Specs of your PC and a screenshot of the HD Preview @ 100% showing one of the the affected areas.

I’ve never seen that in any of my images but it’s very obvious here. Definitely needs looking at.

I have seen this happen as well. Usually, I just spot them out but you are tight to say it should not be happening.