AI Clear IN Topaz Studio

Paid…card says so and you recognize payment…but I am savvy with all software downloading proceedures BUT(!) I cannot find AL Clear dowloading. I have read several times all your guided helps to download AL Clear…It was never offered when making payment NOR can I find it do I find it anywhere>???

Firstly this is a public forum so I cannot understand why you want to post your email address as the title, and it means nothing. The only good it does is allow spammers access to your email address.

Secondly there is no physical download for AI Clear.

Thirdly you need to start up Topaz Studio and login to your Topaz Account when it starts up when the AI Clear will become the ‘pro’ version, as per the instructions.

Note that if you haven’t yet installed Topaz Studio you can download it from the Topaz Labs website.

Thanks…how do I remove the public post???

If you read the title you will notice I have changed it to something more descriptive.