AI Clear in Adjust AI?

I studied this two programs: Topaz Studio 2 and Adjust AI. I am convinced that the work method and needs vary from user to user, but I am convinced that I am not the only one who would need the following adjustments to the Adjust AI program:

  • the most important thing would be the introduction of AI Clear (AI Clear version of Topaz Studio 2) in Adjust AI !!!

It would also help the following modules:

  • Dehaze;
  • Denoise.

Is there some reason you cannot use AI-Clear before/after the tools you mention? ie sequentially

That works for me. (click on pic)

Yes, there is a reason: I don’t (want) use Photoshop or other image editing programs.
Adjust AI would be enough if the AI Clear were integrated, and possibly Dehaze and Denoise were integrated. With a single program (Adjust AI) I could quickly and easily do everything I need. Better and simpler than Topaz Studio!