AI and Legacy

Hi, I currently have all the legacy products and will be upgrading to Windows 10 via a new computer over the next couple of months. I have the following questions and thank anyone able to provide me with some answers:

  1. What is the difference between the “old” products I have and the legacy products. For instance, I love “Adjust” so what would the difference be between that and Adjust AI; and

  2. Is there a cost to me if I download the Legacy product when I have to download again to my new computer? Obviously, if I download the products I already have I just insert my licence number but does this apply if I download the legacy product?

Thank you.

The old products are the legacy products unless I am misunderstanding. Same thing.

  1. Adjust-5 (legacy) works on Win-10. Adjust-AI is the new AI-ized version, but is very different. They gave a license to the latter at no cost to owners of the former. I have both loaded on Win-10 and they both work. You may or may not like the new AI version. If not, just use the legacy version.

  2. No, there is no cost to re-download/install to the new computer. Yes, just use the same license code. You can retrieve them from your Topaz account on their web site, if necessary.