AI Adjust Save As... issues

As some others on the forum have mentioned there are issues with ‘persistence’ in using the Save As… option in AI Adjust 1.0.5 : changes to default options are reset between images. Which is fiddly and annoying!

Below is the text of the support ticket I submitted today:

When choosing to Save As from Adjust AI, the program defaults to 16-bit TIFFs, as well as saving in the directory the file was originally opened from.

If I change these options, they are reset for the next file I open and then save.

When processing large numbers of files this mounts up to a huge amount of fiddly time wasted.

(This is when opening files by dragging rather than using File > Open Image. I haven’t tested whether it still happens using that method; again, when processing large numbers of files it’s such a huge time saver just to keep File Explorer open and drag rather than hunting through for the next file - it wouldn’t be that much use to me…)

Would it be possible to take a look at this?

Win 10 64bit, Ryzen 3600, Radeon 390