AI Adjust, preview does not match what comes out

Using AI adjust seems useless, you can optimize the image as much as you want in AI Adjust and the preview looks nice, but then you render the image and the color profile is something completely different. What and why is this happening?

Make sure you view at 100% in Adjust AI and in the viewer. Also the viewer needs to be colour managed so Windows Photo is not suitable.

This doesn’t happen for me. What photo viewer are you using?

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I’ve tried viewing the image in firefox, XNview and photoshop, the image that comes out have the wrong colors compared to what is showed in the AI Adjust preview window.

This does not happen if i edit an image in photoshop and save it, then it is the same in xnview and other applications. I tried saving it with all the different color profiles that is presented in xnview, non of them seem to help