AI 2 in Studio 2

I’ve down loaded and installed Sharpen AI 2 plus update and happy with how it works. I cannot get it to run in Studio 2. When I go to Add Filter Sharpen AI it always opens Sharpen AI 1, not the newly installed Sharpen AI 2. Can you help?

I don’t know why you created this thread in Topaz in the News, it’s technical Support your looking for.

Uninstall the previous version of Sharpen AI and the correct version will appear. Studio should be v2.3.1 and Sharpen AI v2.0.4

Thanks, I didn’t realise i was posting in the wrong place. I’ve uninstalled Studio and AI 1 and reinstalled Stdio and AI 2 and its all working. Thanks.

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Do you have to have Studio 2 to access sharpen AI 2 in Photoshop. After installation, I can access it from Lightroom and stand alone, but it does not show up as a filter in Photoshop CC. I have some old versions of other Topaz plugins but not Studio 2.

Reinstall Studio 2 …

Don, thank you, but in my query I stated I I did not have studio 2, so your suggestion of re-installing does not work. My question was whether studio 2 is required to access Sharpen AI directly from photoshop. I have some old version of Topaz filters, but nothing called studio 2. If it is required, then I’ll have to export and then open in the stand alone version of Sharpen.

My apologies, reinstall Sharpen AI AFTER uninstalling the previous version …

That I can try! thanks for the tip. Having fun with Sharpen AI!

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