Again - Topaz Video AI 4 Needs Realtime Export Preview (video)

A look at version 3.5.4 and why export preview is so important to many creators that use this product.

You are on an outdated version, v4 was released some time ago and yes, it has the possibility to make previews. Although it’s not perfect, it’s still slow, and no, it’s impossible to be in real time as the slow processing of the program itself prevents it.

I’m on the outdated version on purpose to demonstrate that the new version 4 does not show rendered frames as it exports. So by realtime, I mean the ability to view the progress of an export without wasting time on previews. That’s gone and I require it.

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I agree. While not absolutely necessary, it is VERY useful.

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I used to use vlc, which could open incomplete video files. I use mpv, which has a similar capability, but it doesn’t work with videos processing by VEAI, even though partially processed ffmpeg videos work fine.

I’m still in the group of Topaz Video AI users that really needs Export Preview for my work with time-lapse sequences. I need to monitor the export. Preview is very time consuming and does not tell me much unless I preview the whole clip (which defeats the purpose for me). I just need to watch the export and then cancel if an issue pops up. Please return this feature ASAP. Thanks!