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Last fall I spent an afternoon down in Redwing, MN, about an hour south of my home base in the Twin Cities. This image is detail of the elevators where they load up the barges with grain before sending on their journey down the Mississippi.

Started in LR, then to Studio where I called B&WEffects. Used the Camel Dynamic preset from the Van Dyke Brown collections with some minor tweaks. Thanks for looking.

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Nice composition …

Wonderful composition and I love the monochrome processing!

Wide angle lens?

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Thanks Don!

Thankyou Ken. Nope, my 50mm f1.8 prime which I guess on a DX sensor is slightly telephoto. I was shooting up at a fairly steep angle, so the structure on the left was tilted inward a bit. I rotated CCW to straighten it up. That didn’t affect the composition much but did change the aspect ratio. (D7000 50mm f1.8 @ f/8 and 1/800sec and ISO 100 handheld)

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Very nice result and color tint, thanks for the preset info.

Thankyou, and you’re welcome John.

Here’s a view of where I was when I photographed the image above. There’s a paved walking/biking trail along the riverfront; I was between the barge and that tall square building with the flag on top. The railroad runs behind the elevators. More elevators in the distance. And there’s a passenger train station hidden beyond the more distant barge. To the right, out of the picture, there’s a marina with a bunch of boathouses. So a lot of activity and photo opportunities. Redwing is a nice little city to visit. Barn Bluff is that tall hill in the background. The trail to the top offers some nice views of the waterfront, the city, and across the river into Wisconsin.


Thanks for posting the original ScottO… I agree, it looks like a great place to venture in and find great photos.


Great capture and superb processing

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