Afternoon Tea


Love it … beautiful work …

Very stylish.Would love some detail of how this effect was achieved.

Nice pp work …

Created using Topaz Studio and GIMP … something like

  1. Applied a highkey preset I created (Reduce Noise, Basic Adjustment - exp 0.8, clar 0.6, shadow 0.3, high 0.35), Sharpen)

  2. applied the highkey preset again

  3. used a preset Flands that I have shared with community at 40%

  4. used Mex Bike (shared with community) screen 40%

  5. applied BA PC BC HSL preset (shared)

  6. Applied Native Animal preset (shared)

  7. used a color overlay to create a vignette

  8. Added a canvas texture in GIMP.


Excellent work Shazzy

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I love the look of this one…great job.

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Great job and very interesting processing!

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Great high-key effect.

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Beautiful results and sketch look, thank you very much for posting the workflow and presets used!

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Awesome…Like it

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Love this Shazzy…always innovative! Thank you for the recipe.

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I tried to follow your recipe but two of your presets are not showing up in the Community. Your highkey preset was a winner.

Which two Elle? Not sure why they wouldn’t unless it has to do with which of the enhancements are used. I can send you copies of the settings for them if you really want them.

Glad you liked the highkey

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Flands and BA PC BC HSL presets did not show up in the community initially although BA PC BC HSL is showing up now when I just checked. The presets were only loading through the H’s using All… but I was able to get the other two by typing in the Preset name… All is not all, the slider runs out of room. Appreciate the offer tho. :grinning:

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with the name cloned out on the sugar packs, this would make a fine greetings card

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Hi @ShazzyCo, I could not find the high key or Flands presets in the community? All the others were ok…thanks again. If you can not re-share them, I wouldn’t mind you sending me the settings for the 2 I mentioned in a pm? I really like this style/look you created.

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Thanks for sharing @ShazzyCo

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Shazzy gives the parameters for the high key in her post. You can make up your own and save it…

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hope this makes sense.

Flands preset settings