After using Artemis Denoise/sharpen, video got Brighter!

I do not mind that the exposure got changed. I like it more as it is more balanced than the before image.
But why does this happen?

Hi Nick,

Would it be possible to have a short sample clip from this same camera uploaded to our Dropbox for testing?

You can securely submit your file(s) to our Dropbox using the link below. Please be sure to send me a note to let me know you sent something.

Submit to Dropbox

Interesting! Most of my videos - at least in the preview comparison - get noticeably darker!

Any clip? or specifically the one on the screenshot?

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The one in the screenshot, or any clip where the same brightening effect is happening would be great :slight_smile:

I make a screenshot next time i notice that again! This is not so easy when the preview gets stuck shortly after beginning of the processing often! :slight_smile:

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I have just sent 2 videos. Dark one is normal vid and the bright one is Topaz. The topaz video Had Proteus enhancement enabled. I can give you the settings I put if you want.

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That would be helpful, if you could also send the FFmpeg command generated by the app that would be great:


Am sorry but where do I paste the ffmpeg?

You can just paste it in a comment here

ffmpeg “-hide_banner” “-t” “8.375” “-i” “/Users/nickkyriakidis/Desktop/” “-flush_packets” “1” “-sws_flags” “spline+accurate_rnd+full_chroma_int” “-color_trc” “2” “-colorspace” “1” “-color_primaries” “1” “-filter_complex” “tvai_up=model=prob-3:preblur=0:noise=0.19:details=0.95:halo=0.33:blur=0.68:compression=1:device=0:vram=1:instances=1,scale=out_color_matrix=bt709,split=2[out1][out2]” “-map” “[out1]” “-c:v” “tiff” “/private/var/folders/k1/65kycl150xg96xsw686kwz2h0000gn/T/524577644/temp/_tvai_338441996/%06d.tiff” “-map” “[out2]” “-c:v” “h264_videotoolbox” “-profile:v” “high” “-pix_fmt” “yuv420p” “-allow_sw” “1” “-b:v” “62.146M” “-map_metadata” “0” “-movflags” "use_metadata_tags+write_colr " “-map_metadata:s:v” “0:s:v” “-an” “-metadata” “videoai=Enhanced using prob-3 with recover details at 95; dehalo at 33; reduce noise at 19; sharpen at 68; revert compression at 100; anti-alias/deblur at 0” “/private/var/folders/k1/65kycl150xg96xsw686kwz2h0000gn/T/524577644/previews/”

Perfect, thanks so much!

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We were able to narrow down the reason for the brightness change and will likely have a fix out for these files in our next update.