After update 1.4.0 stuck in saving to adobe photoshop. Both are up-to-date

Ever since I updated Topaz I cannot save to photoshop using plug in bult in from Photoshop.
When I hit save to photoshop…it gets stuck at “saving”

@elias.banegas Thanks for reaching out.

This is a known issue we’re trying to address and it’s caused by Auto-Upscale being turned on. Photoshop will not allow the plugin to upscale and that’s causing the infinite loop.

To fix this, go to the Topaz Photo AI menu option in the upper left corner of the app > Preferences > Autopilot > Upscale > none.

Let me know if that works.

This solution worked for me ok. Having paid to upgrade, I look forward to this bug being fixed. Thanks.

When are we expected to see a solution to this? Upscaling is really necessary too.
We paid for your software and expect great service.

Run it as a standalone and you can upscale.

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