After the updates 1.3.0 and 1.3.1: Lots of issues and disappointments

After updating to 1.3.0 and 1.3.1 there are lots of strange lines, grid patterns, change of white balance, skin artifacts like fish-like scales. I had some problems with the earlier versions, but with 1.3.0 these problems exploded. It is a little bit better with 1.3.1 but there is still a huge problem with darkening of the image, with the change of white-balance and, with the extreme saturation of skin tones. I feel that the earlier versions were much cleaner, amazing and, fun. Now after processing images in Lightroom-Topaz plug in, saving them back to Lightroom there are so many problems to correct on every image. Instead of time saver as before, you now have to do lots of corrections, and of which some can´t be done. A couple of weeks ago it was fun to work with Topaz Photo AI. Now there are problems everywhere and the images do not feel natural anymore. Should not updates make the product better, cleaner, and more natural looking? Not the opposite. Was amazed before, now disappointed since the product has deteriorated so much with the up-dates and the workflow has become a nuisance.


Hi Marco
I agree 100% with your comments. I used to enjoy using Topaz but since the update 1.3.1 I’ve not enjoyed using it and my photos look over processed. The noise reduction and sharpening does not seem to working as well. I’m really disappointed I hope they fix this up and soon.

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Sync the DNG with the original RAW.

Thanks. I am always using the RAW files which I send photo from Lightroom to Plug-in PAI and then save back as a DNG to Lightroom. So, what do you actually mean with sync? Another workflow?

Just sync the settings from the RAW to DNG in LR.

Absolutely agree!
Every new “Feature” is a step backwards and we get new Bugs with every release, instead that things getting better.
I’m very disappointed from Topaz :frowning:
I can’t use GigaPixel/Photo AI anymore to upscale Pictures for our Customers, because there are such extreme Artifacts that ruin every Image… :rage:

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Looks like 1.3.1 is slightly better than 1.3.0 to me – but what astonishes m is that with strong sharpen the white balance is strongly affected (I am using the plugin on TIFFs) . No such effect when using the legacy versions – thanks for letting them show up again…

Yes. I have noticed also these problems that upscaling causes strange artifacts, i.e. large color dots here and there.

You can always revert to the GigaPixel version that worked for you from the releases section.

Sorry, but that did not work well. The color tone changed dramatically from bright daylight to resemble sunset and the saturation was pushed too high.

That’s no Solution for me… :frowning:
I have to go back to an Version with the old Standard-Algorithm, but the old one is crappy and has no Details like the new Algorithm!
Topaz finally should fix the Tiles-Issues and I’m happy…

And all these Type of Problems (Artifacts, Blurry-Tiles, “Watercolor”-Look) are now getting introduced in Video AI, too :frowning:

I really don’t know what else to say about this… Topaz was once really innovative, but at the moment there is nothing left of it :thinking: