After new update, blue screen again

Few months ago solve blue screen problem. After 2 months later, I updated new version. Blue screen come back again. Even I lower down memory to 10%, still got blue screen. I also updated my graphic card driver, still blue screen. What should I do now? Is it new version problem?

DxDiag.txt (104.5 KB)
2023-09-23-01-56-38-Main.tzlog (97.0 KB)
2023-09-23-02-01-23-Main.tzlog (64.8 KB)
2023-09-23-02-04-23-Main.tzlog (50.2 KB)
2023-09-23-02-07-14-Main.tzlog (57.3 KB)
2023-09-23-02-12-40-Main.tzlog (61.7 KB)
2023-09-23-02-16-2-Main.tzlog (91.8 KB)
2023-09-23-02-20-50-Main.tzlog (25.0 KB)
Topaz Video AI Installer Log.txt (4.2 MB)


What is the wattage of your computer’s power supply?


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