After initial fantastic effects of free trial no changes in photos when using paid version

Hi, I feel trapped by the add. I used free version of Topaz app to enhance couple of photos and was astonished by the job done. I bought the full app and now it doesn’t make any changes. WTF?

It’s an impression I’ve had too: at first opportunity you focus on faces, and you’re amazed by the reconstruction. After that you try to improve a landscape or a photo without people or animals and the result is mediocre. If you retrace your steps, and try the first photos again, you will realize that the face was perfectly reconstructed, but the rest was not. This program works very well, but it doesn’t work miracles. Take a small but good photo and it zooms in well, take a metic image and you will get a bad result. But I can assure you that this program works decently. You have to get to know him. I don’t know if you only bought PhotoAi or even the bundle, learning to use each app individually helps you understand the program.

@gmeo4000655 Thank you for your consoling answer. I used the same photo - with free version the effects were astonishing - with paid one there is no fidifference. I know - it doesn’t make sense - what makes it even more frustrating

There is no free version. You were using the same program as you are now only on a trial license.

Open Photo AI and go to Help, Open Log Folder and upload the files to this thread.

@AiDon you are right - I use this term to discribe what happens. I was testing Topaz bundle on my business computer and installed paid version on the home one (older hardware and software). The same photo processed as trial is perfect and processed with paid app produces the same or even worse version of photo. I’m really puzzled. Does the hw/sw play any role but the time consumption?

Yes there are minimum system requirements listed here:

Please maka a complete uninstall and a clean re-install. Maybe offer the said image for download so we can try with the paid version and send the result back to you for comparison!

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