After Export, is there an easy way to copy Audio tracks/Subtitles/Chapters to the new file?

Goal: Copy original audio tracks, Subtitles, Chapters to the new exported Topaz Video AI mkv

Any script or tool to do this easier than manually exporting via gMKVExtractGUI and then copy/pasting via mkvtoolnix-gui?

I was hoping either for a script/tool/command line batch that I could do it for a whole list of files (say you encoded a whole season, annoying to do it manually).

I’m getting close to being able to do that with MKVToolNix. The trick is that depending on what’s in the two files changes the command so much. So long as all files have the same amount and language of everything, you should be able to use the MKVToolNixGUI, set up one merge, then use the show command line function and figure out a batch file from there.