Affinity versus Photoshop

There’s been discussion previously on this site about this subject - saw this and thought it should be available for folk to view

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I’m loving AP

I’ve not been a fan of AP in the past, but I think Adobe has taken things too far with the recent price hike - especially when you realise by how much the European market is used to subsidise the Ametican market.

I’ve set aside the last three months of this year to be Photoshop free (I’m still using LR) and to get my head around AP. It’s clunky, it’s not intuitive, and it lacks finesse, but I’m starting to warm to it.

I think he turned me off when he asked “Is Affinity the cheaper and better Photoshop?” … Just like people are saying ON1 Photo RAW is the new Lightroom AP is not and does not aspire to be PS.

In a nutshell AP is NOT Photoshop. I actually has a focus on workflow (non-destructive) including workspaces for Photo, Liquefy, Develop, Tone Mapping and Export … and its tools are far more sophisticated and powerful than PS.

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I’d like it to have content aware fill when a photo needs to be cropped after rotating!

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Would be difficult to replace without any source …

InPainting does a pretty good job … top is after the bottom layer & cut, paste and inpaint …

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