Affects Panel Master list icon size

Lately with the last few updates I seem to have lost the ability to make the master list (‘All’ ‘Favorite’ ‘My Effects’ etc) smaller like I used to be able to do. I can’t find how to make the list smaller now. Nothing in preferences…
Am I missing something or was this ability removed? If it was removed, may we have it back please? The list is way too large for my taste and it’s annoying to have to scroll so much when it doesn’t need to take up that much real estate in the panel.

This is what I’d like to get back to:

This is what I get now:


@Thysje Click in 3 horizontal lines to collapse the Effect Icons

The resulting appearance

Then go to Edit -> Preferences and make sure that “Remember tag configuration” is checked.


I’m sorry, that’s NOT what I meant. Of course I know how to ‘collapse’ them. I’m not a newbie! And I have them collapsed all the time until I need them. It’s that I used to be able to make the icons smaller so the whole list showing icons and text was smaller! In your second pic, as you can see they are LARGE. I’m sure that we used to be able to make them small. As this clip from John Barclay’s webinar shows…

Didn’t mean to offend!

That’s okay, sorry too. :slight_smile:
It just seems to be a small feature that I found useful and it’s been removed, because I just cannot find it now. I guess it probably wouldn’t matter on a newer very high resolution screen, but on both my ordinary screen and laptop it’s very annoying.

It’s not only the ability to make it smaller (which I never realized could be done)…the whole panel interface has been since redone to a new configuration which no longer resembles John Barclay’s screen shot.

Yes it has, but I don’t mind that, it’s the sizing of those ‘buttons’ in the panel list that I really really miss. I hope this will get re-instated. The large size is just not acceptable on my screens. It was nice to have the choice…

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see here…

Yes, Peter, thank you, but I know about that and it’s not what I mean. It’s the menu buttons on the panel I’m talking about, not the thumbs of the effects, please see my clip in a previous reply.

I prefer smaller menus as well. The actual icons do not guide me to what I look for in a category - I read the descriptions. I prefer smaller font.
Just my personal preference.