Advice on using topaz products with images

Hello I have 1500 scanned images, colour & B&W plus 150 scanned negatives, photos at 1200 & slides at 4800 all colour scans at 48 bit. I need to batch enhance them, I am hoping Topaz will be the way to go, I hope that Topaz will analyse each image before applying any corrections. Would like advice on if this is my best option, and if it is which order I should use the products, plus any advice on settings thanks


1/ Gigapixel batch process is a bit buggy on the actual version, but someone told me that the issue has been fixed in the actual beta, so in the next release (don’t know when), this will be fixed. but on previous version, i was using it a lot and it was working pretty good.

2/ there is NO analyze / auto correction feature actually on the software Gigapixel, except an auto process only for noise reduction and removing blur in picture. but most of the time with any Auto feature, it need manual adjustement.

Actually Topaz is developping a new software which is amazing, and which is doing what certainly you’re looking for (auto feature).
for now, best is to try the trial version of gigapixel, denoise and sharpen, and see if it’s suiting you.