Advice for best AI model

Hi all, I’m a new user and have got Video Enhance only a couple of days ago.
I run some tests on old footage and the software worked well.
I’m now struggling to get a good output on the footage I need to improve.


What I’m trying to achieve is sharpening the soft edges of the subjects.
I tried both the suggested models, as well as others.

Here some specs of the footage:

Generated by a Canon 5DmkIV
Canon 24-105 f4 - the lens seems to be slightly old/damaged, that’s why it softens
Color Profile: Cinestyle
H264 - 25fps - 4k

Any help is appreciated.
Many thanks


interesante, lo que comentas, pero al yo creo que no debemos dejar todo a la automatización. me encantaría que exista una herramienta manual para indicarle un rostro en topaz gigapixel y de esa manera ayudar a la identificación y mejora de rostro

I’ve run into problems trying to sharpen softened edges. So far all I can suggest is to select Proteus Fine-tune and to max out all the sliders except for the dehalo. The Deblur slider should do the trick but I have never needed to remove blur.

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Thanks for the advice. I have just tested it and must say that it’s the best result so far!