Adobe Annual Updates - Ps & Lr 2022

2022 major releases today during Adobe MAX.

I never update immediately until I know the impacts (on other software plugins or in case major - usually Win! - bugs are ID’d).

That said, do all the Topaz Labs plugin products port over & operate seamlessly on Win 10 PC’s with today’s new releases of Photoshop 2022 & Lightroom?

I’d appreciate more than “they should” answers … I’d need experiential data before I update the Adobe products b/c I’ve had issues updating then rolling back Adobe products gens & find that is not the best way to proceed (from past experience).

Thx to other end-users of Topaz products who can reply on how it went for you. If this needs to be re-placed where I posted it in the General Discussions forum to get that feedback I’d appreciate my post being moved back where I posted it…

I actually posted this in the general discussion area hoping other users like myself would tell me what their experiences were… I find the developers seem to have different setups and (better) computers than I do and often what works for them doesn’t seem to always play out the same way on some of us other users “real life” situations… I’m not reporting an issue. I’m asking for feedback from other users. Thx

I upgraded to PS23 today - all my Topaz works well. But I did not overwrite PS22 just in case :wink:

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Thanks, is it Windows or Mac, and which version?

Been there… other years!

I still have 2021 (for 3D features)…

I use Win 10 & use my Topaz products as plugins.

Thanks, I asked Jack who stated that he installed PS23 and had no issues with Topaz stuff…

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Windows 10 :slight_smile: Not gotten to 11 yet!


Yes, it’s strange to see that 3D Lighting Effects are to be removed from future versions of Photoshop because all 3D functions will only be available in the new app Adobe Substance 3D. So we shall have to pay more for aspects of Photoshop which are currently included …

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Thank you.

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Just updated to Ps 2022 and I find under the filters menu the topaz ai sharpener but it is greyed out :roll_eyes: Anybody with the same issue?

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I am a hobbyist, part-time student & someone who uses Ps for fun & community volunteer work. No income, not working. And, no biz to write off all the costs & no clients to bill to recover s/w costs. So means I’ll lose the Ps 3D features I’ve spent this yr trying to learn. There are no reasonable student pricing options either unless doing video for the Substance suite.

That’s the kind of thing I hoped to find out about. I haven’t updated b/c there are (Adobe-known) user reported “issues” with Ps 2022 for Win users. Beyond the potential Topaz plugin issues.

From what I saw, there were more complains from Mac users (e.g. some quarantined plugins which I’m not sure are present in Windows). And I do not know which system Marco uses.

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