Adjustments are great but when imported to LRcc, the image is not the same

I took a large group photo. The image however could be better. After making adjustments in Photo AI, it looked perfect. You can zoom in and easily recognize subjects with the face recovery. Photo AI was able to recover 73 of nearly 80 faces. Eye color, teeth, most logos on shirts and tattoos were were made more clear. More clear than my camera can create with the proper settings.
After exporting and importing to lightroom cc, the image is underwhelming. It doesn’t look anything like the adjustments to start my workflow. The detail I saw while in the Photo AI app was just gone. The detail of a person’s face was “simplified”. The eye colors that was clear now had just “black colored” eyes. The tattoos were softened. Everyone look likes simplistic as a lego character.

Hi there! Can you upload your before/after images (plus any screenshots of how the photo looks within your preview) so we can test this on our systems?

Sorry. I guess it doesn’t help that I cannot share this because it is a military group. I’ll keep that in mind when I give feedback.

If you’re able to reproduce this with any images that you’re able to share, feel free to report back with those and we can investigate :slight_smile:

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