Adjustment version question

Question: How can I tell which version of a Pro Adjustment I have installed? I’ve done the sync move and everything seems to work, but I can’t see the version of the Adjustment, e.g. AI Clear.
Thanks, John

The version is updated as Studio is updated … current version of Studio is V1.13.0

I had the same question, so thank you for clarifying this.

I think that the emails sent out by Topazlabs to customers cause the confusion. I remember receiving an email about the new version of AI Remix that said:

As always, if you already own AI ReMix, your update is free! Click here to download the latest version.

The link pointed to the downloads page where you can either download Topaz Studio or the plug-ins, but not individual adjustments. I spent a long time looking for a possibility of downloading the update of AI Remix.

I eventually discovered that just by starting Topaz Studio I am asked if I want to install updates and can install them simply by clicking Yes.

So it is not necessary to go to the Downloads page at all and download TS again.

The email was really misleading and wasted a lot of my time.