Adjusting multiple images

In processing some flower images this morning I tried to make sure that two images, almost identical because they were taken on a tripod, had the same adjustments. The idea was to adjust one image, copy all of the adjustments and paste them onto the second image. I found the UI command to copy and then to paste all of the adjustments, but I also noticed that the masks did not get copied.

I assume that the engineers who designed the software thought that masks would not apply to new images, but is there any way to also copy the masks other than copying every single individual mask from the first set of adjustments to the second?

Did you use Copy Mask and then Paste Mask in the second image?

Yes, but that was part of the problem. I had a lot of masks and I had to individually copy each one. For this image that meant 4 or 5 masks and 4 or 5 individual copies. That is not really too bad, but I could easily see that there might have been 10 or 20 individual masks and having to copy each one seems like unnecessary trouble