Adjust lighting doesn't affect face when Face recovery and Upscale are used

I am surprised nobody noticed/fixed this bug. It appeared in 3.0.0.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Take a full/half body portrait.
  2. Apply Face recovery, Adjust lighting (in any order), Upscale (any model).
  3. The face will stay at the original brightness unaffected by Adjust lighting.
    Examples are attached. Please fix.

Topaz Photo AI v3.0.3 on Windows.


Is this thread even looked at? In explanation I see this: “Bugs that we are actively investigating will be tagged with Investigating.” “Bugs that our development team is actively working on will be tagged as In-Progress.”

I see many later reported bugs with one of those statuses but this thread is still a “New-Issue”. I used a “Report an Issue” option in the app that brought me here. Why is this thread being ignored? This bug has existed since v.3.0.0.

Hopefully the tag on this thread is just an oversight, as this problem has been reported a number of times. So they should be well aware of the issue.

Thanks for replying. I am surprised to learn that this issue has been reported a number of times as I looked through the forum before posting and didn’t see any similar reports. Also, while typing a new post the system suggests similar posts and there weren’t any. After seeing your post I looked through the forum again, all the way down to 3.0.0 as I didn’t observe this issue pre-3.0.0. I didn’t see similar reports again.

Then I tried search, and only when I reduced the number of words in my search to ‘face’ and ‘lighting’ only I found this thread:

It describes my problem exactly with even more details that I didn’t include for brevity. But… surprise! That thread dates back to v2.4.2!

That thread is closed but the bug is still there. I would like the developers to notice this new thread as it seems the issue is ignored/forgotten in the closed thread and there are no other threads pointing to this bug.

It’s been reported in the current release thread for v3.0.3, and some previous reports may have been consolidated to the thread you found. Here’s a report from nearly three weeks ago that I replied to:

The faulty Text Preservation problem has also been going on since the release of v2.4.

Thanks. Unfortunately, the thread you linked starts with a completely different issue, the developer acknowledges it, then somebody replies to it with the issue discussed here. I don’t think the developer noticed the change in topic. The original issue in that thread didn’t even involve Adjust Lighting. michael.lynch-3532 should have started a new thread. That’s why I still doubt the developers are working on this.

By the way, the workaround you proposed in that thread is not working for me. When I make a minor adjustment in Adjust Lighting the preview looks normal but the saved picture still has the face of different brightness. When I close the Save dialog the preview changes back to incorrect face brightness.