Adjust Lighting and Balance Color

There is a known issue of creating color cast using exposure filter if it is run on a integrated gpu. Please find this week’s coming release which should fix it.

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I’m a wildlife photographer and color & lighting are extremely important especially for birds. I found that the lighting & color balance can work well, however, processing times when adjusting the sliders is a total dealbreaker in my workflow. I should qualify “can work well” by saying that out of a couple dozen images not one met my approval unless I adjusted the slider several times and thats where on my iMac Pro, processing times were unacceptable.

Yesterday I came back from a wildife outing with 2.5k Images, once culled & rated left me with about 400 keepers. Using the Topaz sliders would add at least a day to my workflow.

Additionally not one default lighting or color adjustment was satisfactory and most of the times as much as 80% over lightened (blown highlights) and or over saturated. Some of the birds images of Flamingos, Roseatte Spoonbills, whites were terribly blown. It seemed that the lighting adjustment acted more as an exposure adjustment rather than what I use almost excluvily, Brightness, curves etc., to control mid tones. In the end even when I was able to get an overall decent balance of lighting & color, I still had to fine tune it in C1 Pro where edits are virtually instantaneous.
Unless these beta processing adjustsments times can match Cap 1 Pro on my computer I’ll not be using the Beta adjustments, however, I think PhotoAI is the best overall app of it’s kind and I use them all!

On an aside, I’ve stopped using Topaz Sharpen because too often some areas of fine deatails (feathers or animal skin become “smudged” for lack of a better word.
Photo AI, however, works amazingly well in both Noise & Sharpening and if this app cant fix my image then I probably need to get better images. Point being is if Ineed Sharpening or Noise control other than Photo AI then I’m not doing my job as a photographer.

I hope Topaz can fine tune the lighting & Color adjustments but In my work, I mostly use brushes and masks to balance lighting & color as global adjustment rarely work for me.


Shared my image. After cropping, adjusting lighting and colour balance, its showing some patches of colours on the image.

The light adjustment continues to trash my jpg files. I’ll have a nice photo of a bird that looks pretty good and the light adjustment takes the photo from exposed almost perfectly to way too dark and useless. The adjustment slider helps a little. This is a really bad beta, IMO.

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Thank you for getting back with me on this and that is very good news.

Bryan McManis

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Yes, it is unworkably slow, as yet. What’s worse is that there is the same delay when moving the slider to adjust the magnitude of the change. This is not a substitute for a full photo editing app but it is useful if, say, you have sharpened or de-noised a photo and only need to tweak the lighting a bit to get it as you want.

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  1. When I select multiple adjustments (denoise, sharpen, lighting and color) and then I change ONE parameter/slider, the program calculates ALL settings again. This is very inefficient and consumes a lot of time
  2. I applied the lighting adjustment to an interior photo of a bedroom. It just darkened the image to a point that it can’t be used
  3. I applied the color adjustment and instead of reducing color cast it added color cast.

Bottom line - Since I already own all 3 programs individually, this one doesn’t quite add any benefits to me

I tested both and found it to be “ok’ish” for some pictures and not so good for others.
However, what I think works best is to first adjust/run Lightning and Color, without applying any denoising and sharpening. The program responds instantly and there’s no need to wait for all the other adjustments to reload.
Once adjusted light and color, then I can go and try applying denoising and sharpening with the usual waiting time.
I think it works better than going thru the adjustments in the natural secuence… my 0.02 anyway.

The light adjustment seems pretty good. The color balance adjustment, by default, tends to be a little too bias toward the warm side.

Very Very pleased of these features, asked them some time ago in the feature forum :stuck_out_tongue: ( New software "lighting ai or "exposure ai" )

tried it, seems very good on some photos, but on others isn’t, i think it can be better, for example putting underexposed photo inside, results in ai wich wants to underexpose it more :stuck_out_tongue:

You could think also of some “customization” like the others tools have, for example a trigger to let the user choose if he wants more or less light, or 2 sliders with a quantity of light the user wants to add, or to remove

If you click open the filter, there’s a strength slider that you can manually manipulate.

Can you upload an example of an underexposed photo that the program wants to underexpose even more? I’d like to test it out and see what happens on my end. Thanks!

Congrats ! One comment from me : a noticeable number of my photos have one part under-exposed (often the right middle upper side, don’t know why), the rest of the photo is OK. Would be fine if your filter could find it out and correct the lighting accordingly, not evenly all over the photo. Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately sharpening results in lighting up the image.In order to correct this, I have tested the Adjust lighting tool. Out of the box, the adjustment does not really improve things. When using the adjustment slider, the image changes its color/white balance and not its lighting.

Balancing color is for the moment not an option for me since it is taking ages – and not very helpful.

One thing that is even more strange: if I do not activate any of the tools, the image on the right is somewhat brighter than the one of the original to the left.

with a batch of 20 images is there a way that the adjust lighting would apply to all the images using autu piolot

hi tim, i know about the strength but the strength changes between original and “recognized ai” “filter”, i think would be bettere to have some sliders to “guide” the ai going darker or lighter, for example if the ai “wants” to make that image darker, but i want it lighter, i can guide the ai to optimize the image lighter as i want, don’t know if i could explain :stuck_out_tongue:

can i send you the image in private? its a photo of a friend of mine and for privacy i prefer not to publish it

We’re working on this functionality and expect it to be released in the next 1-2 updates.

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I’m not entirely sure what you’re describing to be honest. Can you submit a support ticket at using the beacon at the bottom right corner of the page and address it to me?

You’ll be able to securely send images and other files there.


thanks for that it would be very useful

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Haven’t had much success with the Adjust lighting mode. Invariable I get a green cast over the image.

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That’s interesting to see because you don’t have Balance Color activated.

Yet it looks like PAI tried to compensate for the magenta tint to the image on the left by adding its complement, green.

If the Lighting was solely adjusted, it should have become a brighter or lighter (or, darker) magenta.

(BTW, I like your handle! It’s like, “Bond, James Bond”)