Adjust AI presets no scolling with Wacom

I’m trialing Adjust AI and right away I noticed something unusual. When I click on the scroll bar to the right of the presets, it highlights when I click on it, but I cannot drag it at all. When I switch to another running app, no problem, things scroll there fine. But switch back to Adjust AI and I can’t get to the bottom of the presets list.

I don’t use a mouse, but a Wacom Intuos tablet. I’m running the Mac version (High Sierra, 10.13.5) on a 27 inch iMac.

Any ideas?

yes, currently there are issues with the Wacom driver (not only Topaz Products) , just turn off the mapping to Windows Ink in the Tablet Properties.

Maybe because I have an older Wacom (Intuos 3), but the only thing related to Windows Mapping in the Tablet Properties are a series of drop-downs setting the orientation, screen areas, and tablet areas. There’s no ‘Mapping to Windows Ink’ to be found.

Have a look under the Mapping Tab …


This is the properties window for the Windows PC version of the Wacom pen. The problem exists on a MAC, which does not have a Use Windows Ink check box inside the Wacom Preferences.

screenshot of Wacom mapping preferences on a MAC:

I too use an Intous 3, though I haven’t tried this - in Wacom Properties Add the Topaz programs to Functions Tab Applications and review Touch Strip settings- worth a try. To note my Wacom works on scrollbar if clicked on right, if pointer on image it zooms.