Adjust AI natural preset

I am in the test period of Adjust AI and I struggle with it regarding settings that deliver a nice natural looking image with no over saturation, over contrast, brightness or similar. I am not yet sure what Adjust AI is trained for but almost all modes deliver extremely “false” color/contrast/saturation images. I often have original photos where a clever AI could be of great help to adjust shadows and highlights with no halo effect, something where photoshp for example struggles a lot with.


Are you strictly relying on using the canned presets? Or, are you experiencing those things when you set your own slider settings too?

If the former, have you tried ‘tweaking’ the slider settings after you apply an initial preset look to see if that helps?

Have you tried starting manually vs with presets and created your own custom presets to build a personal library of looks you like? They will be accessible via the library listings at upper right of the interface under “My Collection”. That’s where you’ll find the Controls button to set up custom presets too.

Yes, I first tried all the presets and none of the presets seems to be trained for natural looking images. I also tried to adjust manually but in this case I could just use photoshop. An AI application should make my life easier, that’s why I use it. :slight_smile:

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If there’s more development work done on AAI (beyond just making it compatible w/newer processors, etc. & functionally runnable) what types of features in it would make it easier for you to enjoy as an AI product?

Possibilities I can think of… what would you like/add if you could have anything cool & AI-ish designed in?

  • Categories of AI presets that produce a range of looks for the specific category (incl: Landscape, Portrait, Night, Black & Wht, Street, Cinematic)… what else?

  • A Global Auto button - just to see what it does before we leap into the categories or the custom sliders

  • A masking function - in order to selectively apply looks w/in an image

  • An effects “gallery” sorta like the classic Topaz products provided in which you could hit a button & see (and scroll down/up through) a comparison of a variety of different effects in the main workspace (including within the aforementioned categories…) to gauge how they look on your image & pick your fave.

  • What else - or instead of - any of these ideas of mine would be more AI-ish to you? And make applying a look easier/faster for you? :grin: