Adjust AI Left behind?

Hi, Just wondered if Adjust AI has now been left behind as from what I can find out the last update was back in August 2, 2019, Keep getting emails for updates and special offers for everything it seems except Adjust AI and Adjust AI is still being sold at at quite a hefty price tag for something that is now some 16 months past it’s sell by date as far as upgrades go. Thanks and hope we can all have a better 2021 Russ.

Remember that Topaz Adjust was once the star product made by Topazlabs, along with Denoise. Studio was really Adjust’s Big Brother (notice all the Adjustments inside?) So I’d say that Studio has overtaken old Adjust: in that case, new Adjust AI has little to offer in terms of a makeover of the old workhorse.

Then again, I think we’re probably seeing in Studio 2 the crest, summit, apex and hilltop of its development. It is for all intents and purposes, the evolutionary endline of the original Topaz Adjust!

Nearly the same could be said for Studio 2 being left behind.

I think it’s pretty clear that the more recent group of developers that they hired as part of last year’s restaffing effort have different interests and skills than the Topaz Labs team of the past. As has been stated here before they intend to fully develop their new AI approach in the video product, and then they’ll roll that work back into the other products. Once we see VEAI move beyond cleaning up enlargements, and they start adding special effect functionality, then we may see something new come out in the Adjust AI arena.

This doesn’t bode well for people like me. I just got Adjust AI about 6 months ago, waited for Big Sur 11.1 to be released, and now I’m up the creek without a paddle.

In a recent FB post I read that Topaz has no immediate intention of updating apps like Studio, so presumably Adjust is likewise headed for the same scrapheap. They seem hell bent on pursuing the AI route for which you could reasonably read ‘dumbing down’, taking away the pleasure and skill users of the older apps used to get from making the decisions themselves in favour of a mass market for numbskulls. Perhaps a bit harsh but that is how it feels. Come back in ten years and see if it worked.