Adjust AI and multiple exposures [SOLVED]

Sorry about the messy post. I was working on a tablet with one of those little mouse pads and I kept touching the mouse pad and relocating the cursor. Hope this makes more sense.

I am able to choose multiple images and drop into Adjust AI, but there seem to be no controls to work with them, and adjustment for movement etc . My best result so far has been to produce a result for the “top” image, whose results depends on exposure compensation when the triple shot was taken. Funny thing is the name of the saved shot is the name of that top shot_adjust. Sometimes it says (file name ) adjust-adjust-adjust, but I struggle to see a difference between the result and that from a processing of the single shot.

Appreciate any help on this.


Ah. If I actually use the Open method, I see I can only choose one image, so I guess I have solved this question.