Adjust 5, not resetting properly?

I have the Adjust 5 plugin, I use it with either LR or PS.

I noticed recently that if I I make a mess or something, and I hit ‘Reset’, all the boxes will be unticked, yet if I hold the left click on the image (or toggle between the Original & Processed version) I can still perceive a very significant difference between the two images.

What’s the deal with that?

In my head, if you’re in the plugin, have clicked reset, or even if you’re in a preset and you go through the list and untick/uncheck every single box there is, then the image should not show or be any different when toggling between the Original and Processed version…

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Post a couple of screen shots showing the difference please.

I forgot to mention that the Protect Highlights & Shadows is set to 0.02 when you reset…

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Cheers, I’ll upload some screenies soon.

I see in your screenshot however you still have Adaptive Exposure ticked, I’m talking about everything unticked (so I guess the reset point is moot), I still see a strong visible difference between toggling the Processed and Original button (or using the left click hold on/off).

That doesn’t make a difference as you can see from the PROCESSED/ORIGINAL here:

Here’s mine, hopefully you can see the difference.

Yes it looks like the original is brighter. I would suggest you raise a technical support request and make sure that you specify the color profile of the image and also make sure that the monitor is using the correct ICC Profile.

Awesum, just another ‘me only’ problem :smiley:

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