Adjust 5 Crashing

Just started using Topaz recently, Haven’t used Adjust much, but it is crashing constantly. When I select a different collection in grid view, it shuts down and returns to host program. Doing this about every other time.

I had to delete your email address from your name as this is a public site …

Can you provide a little more information please:

  • Windows or Mac
  • Host application
  • What version of Adjust are you using
  • What is the message you get when it crashes

Have you tried reinstalling?

Thanks for that.
Windows from Lightroom.
Build Nov 15
No message. I click on a different collection in Grid view and I’m back in LR.
Haven’t tried reinstalling, but I did a reboot last night. Can’t recreate this morning. I’ll repost if it happens again.
Re: removing my email. I don’t think I added that. Do I need to modify something to prevent this?

OK I have removed your email.

It may be that you have a problem with presets, have you created any of your own and updated them? One known issue is that you cannot update your presets because it duplicates them in the database and causes a problem. If you do update presets just create and save under a different name and delete the old one.

If the problem happens again go to the following directory - “%localappdata%\Topaz Labs\Topaz Adjust 5\Presets” - use the string in the quote, and delete the TopazPresetsDB file then restart the application and it will rebuild the database when you restart.

Make sure your “My Collection” folder in the directory above doesn’t have any duplicate names before you restart.