Additional options for scaling/resize (fixed dimension/scale)

I would like to suggest the option to specify in preferences a max dimension/scale to be used for batch file conversions. For example, I may have a series of source images of different sizes. I would like to do something like either specify scale until the larger dimension (x or y) is no more than X (for example, 2048px) or scale no more than a 2x (or 3x or 4x, whatever specified) size.

That way when you are processing a batch you can upsize an image to a certain point but no bigger. So the upscaled result would be the lesser of the scale or dimension specified instead of trying to scale everything to a fixed scale or only working with a horizontal/vertical axis.

32k is the current limit, so until they implement a user limit an inefficient workaround is to oversize the images then downscale to your desired limit. Beware that large scalings beyond 2-6x are not AI scalings but traditional algos.