Adding "Undo" Tool to the "Remove" Tool

The new “Remove” Tool in version 2.1.0 most definitely needs an “Undo” tool. I don’t think that I’ll use the “Remove” tool without the “undo” tool.

I am sure that other suggestions/needs will come up later for this remove tool as I use it more but an “undo” is a must have for it to be a usable/useful tool.

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Undo functionality for the remove already is mentioned in the roadmap.

You may want to expand on what you mean here as there is already a Reset button to reset the Remove tool and you can add/remove to the masking or Restore/Clear the mask

Even though it says “adding undo/redo” in the roadmap it is difficult to envisage what they mean as removing an object can only be done on the final image after , if you are using them, noise reduction, sharpening and upscaling.