Adding Metadata Related to Changes Made by Topaz

I access Topaz Denoise and Sharpen from Lightroom Classic. LrC is limited in it’s file naming so all external editors use the same filename suffix which in my case is ‘-edit’. I don’t see any changes to the metadata based in the features I’ve used in a metadata tool e.g. ‘low light’. Is there someway to have Topaz products write to the TIFF file past back to LrC some high level indication of what was applied? Perhaps a custom Metadata section? Something similar to the notation at the bottom of the Topaz screen when the changes are being applied

This would be super helpful. I just posted another issue around the new denoise model but I wasn’t able to determine exactly what had been used before.

Please add this to the metadata. The appropriate section seems to be XMP Tags. Use the “History” entries, including the “Parameters” that were used for each filter.