Adding Image Layers in Studio

Running the latest version of Studio, and when I try to add an image layer (textures, for now) it doesn’t work. I click on the Image layer button to get the control, then when I try to drag an image from an Explorer window to the image layer control all I get is a “red, line through it, no you can’t do that” indicator. When I click on the box that says “Drag or click here” it doesn’t open an Explorer window like I’d expect. What am I doing wrong?



The “Drag or Click here” refers to either dragging a image that is already open and is in the filmstrip below the currently edited image or, if you click there, a file open dialog will let you choose the image to use as a layer.

Note also that you can drag an image from the filmstrip onto the Adjustment panel of the currently edited image and that will also add the Image Layer adjustment as part of the process.

Dragging an image from File Explorer onto Studio will open that image to be edited.

Hi Don,

OK, I can drag an open image from the filmstrip and that works, but when I click there I don’t get the typical open dialog that I would expect. When I click there, all I get is a small popup next to my cursor revealing the current image name. If I select it, Studio opens the current image on top of itself. Any idea why I don’t get the open dialog? It’s workable to open a texture file into the filmstrip and drag, but that’s a bit of a PITA.

Yes you are right that right-clicking on the panel in the Image Layer will allow you to select from open images.


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I am not right-clicking…doing a left-click. Why does it say “Drag and drop or click here” if clicking there (left-click) doesn’t bring up a standard OS open dialog? Seems like I should request Tech Support on this.

Because of the type of images that Studio opens, which includes RAW files, it seems they must be opened first in Studio before being able to be used as a Image Layer. The option of first importing the image you want to use into Textures wouldn’t reduce your workflow steps as you would have to add to Textures first.

There are a couple of options available for you and that is either to raise a Product Feature Request on this forum or raise a Tech Support Request asking for a direct file open as part of the Image Layer Adjustment.