Adding Grain on Gigapixel AI

This would be great and time saver if we could add some grain on the final output.
Latest version 4 is so good at adding details that it tends to amplify the noise present on the original input image.
So we need to play with the denoising settings and after that the final output can sometimes be too polished or blury on certain areas.

Thanks again TopazLabs for your amazings products.

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Have you tried software mode ? It is less noisy and there is no need to denoise.

Ok i tried, it’s a little noisy without any denoising but it’s so slow when using the CPU, something like 10-20X slower even with my 16 cores 32 threads machine.

In the top section of the Studio adjustments (free adjustments) there is one called Film grain. This will probably do what you want.