Adding fine details to the image

yes, Topaz Photo AI does a good job of enhancing the quality of the images but sometimes there is not enough fine detail for the wow effect. With the latest updates I noticed that the program has learned to add grass, sand etc where needed, I suggest going further. We have a number of textures that are often found on images and at low resolution these textures disappear, in fact when you zoom in on images through Topaz such details are not restored. I’m talking about brick texture, rows of windows, fences and roof tiles (very often Topaz does not render such things well), fabric texture, buttons, locks, clasps, tree and foliage texture (it would be great to get not a solid green texture but also leaf veining), snow texture and so on.

Thanks for your suggestion!

We’re working on improving our Remove Noise models to not remove finer details in the textures. In the meantime, try turning down the strength for the filter (or even off depending on the amount of noise there is) and turn on Upscale. You can set the scale to 1x if you don’t want to enlarge the photo but it’ll enhance resolution and do minor noise reduction.

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