Adding colour back to a photo

Hi, I have a lot of underwater photos. As you go deeper underwater the red light wavelength is filtered out and the red colour disappears, meaning everything looks more blue. In photoshop I can adjust a photo taken at these depths by doing a levels adjustment for the red, blue and green channels. For each channel I drag the sliders in at each end to where the histogram starts to show some height and this seems to fix it.
Does anyone know if there’s a way to do this in Topaz Studio? I’ve attached a sample image of what I’m talking about. As a guide, the sand in this image should be roughly white

Nick, have you tried the Tone Curves adjustment? That is the closest to Levels for RGB I have found in TS. I use the black and white points in the Basic adjustment as well. Has to be a combo of Tone Curves and maybe HSL & Basic. Can you post a screenshot of the histogram after you have achieved the look you want?

Je to v Topaz ReStyle:

Using Studio there are a couple of options as the red spectrum disappears and blues take over underwater. This is where the temperature tool comes in handy. If you increase the temperature of your image, you’re putting the red colors that are lost at depth back into the shot. This will help bring out your subject’s true color.

Color correction also helps remove and tone down the overly powerful blue and green hues that can dominate and ruin the real colors of an underwater photo by using the Channel Mixer. And you can also utilise tone curves to adjust the input/output on each channel.

A lot though depends on the depth underwater that the image was taken, it is advisable that when taking underwater images you use a flash and set the White Balance on your camera to the temp of the Flash.

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Thanks Guys,
I never realised you could use the tone curves adjustment for individual channels.
I’ve had a play around using your suggestions.