Add Textures to Topaz Studio

Topaz Studio v1.4.3. Impression in Studio and Textures Pro Adjustments. How do I add my own local textures to both of these? I can’t find the answer anywhere, including the Impression 2 user manual pdf.

Thanks in advance.

Use this procedure … only for the Textures Adjustment.

  • Open an image
  • Add a Texture Adjustment
  • Click on the Icon next to the Category
  • Click on Import

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Perfect. And too obvious, no wonder I missed it. :grinning: I’ll have to go find a tougher question. :wink:

Thank you very much, for the answer as well as the quick reply.


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How do you delete an imported texture?

Open the import window as above and then find your imported texture in the category you imported it. It should have a little trash can icon on it and just click on that.

Thank you, I will try that. Do you know why my paid for pro adjustment textures do not apply to my open image when I move or scroll over them by any chance? I have verified and synced and all other adjustments work but not textures and I am totally frustrated. Thanks so much for any help, really appreciate it. ,Kat.

I can’t really say why you don’t see the textures when you hover the mouse over the thumbnails. Make sure it is set to foreground and the opacity is high. Set the blend to Normal to start even though you might use another blend mode like multiply. I find the textures don’t blend with pictures very well. AIDon is the Topaz tech guy if you need more help.

Thank you, really appreciate your help, will try this but pretty sure I was doing all this!

Kind regards.

Hi, when I open up the import manager the My Textures slot is empty even though the imported texture of mine shows up under “adjustments” and “my textures…”…… so I can’t seem to delete it. Thanks for any help, really appreciate this.

Reset Database?

Hi Kat, Set the Group to All and the Category to My Textures (as I think you already did) . Open the manager and look at each sub category (Paper & Textiles, Skys, etc) . When you imported the textures, you had to select one of those. You should find the textures in one or more of those with a trash can icon. Ron

Thanks, I am looking for it now. Still now luck at all with my textures not previewing but there is an update available and I wonder if I should do that. If I update, do all my paid for pro adjustments get carried over? sorry to be a pest…super appreciate your help, Ron. Kat with thanks again.

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The Adjustments are all available in Topaz Studio, the pro adjustments you paid for will be there as pro.

In the other thread I sad to reset the local database, so do that before installing the update.