Add option to select DPI output

Hi, I would like to have the option to select the DPI of the images output before saving them. This would save a step down the workflow and increase productivity.

1000% agree. Frustrating to have to oversample, then load into photoshop and adjust so the dimensions and DPI are what I want.

@chester.bullock @j.a.makeandcreate This is on the plan but just hasn’t been prioritized yet. Could you help us by describing your current workflow and the impact it’d have if you could select DPI in Topaz Photo AI?

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Hi Eric,

I do create image illustrations using Stable Diffusion.

I use Topaz to upscale the images. Then I need to use Gimp to change the DPI to 300 to ensure a good printing quality.

I personally would find very useful if Topaz would move a bit more on the direction to also be able to edit images. For example, allowing to create templates to export files at different ratios we a simple crop and move tools.


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This functionality already is included in Topaz Labs GigaPixel AI (under output width/height option). I output mostly 318 DPI for laser engraving and have to change the DPI from 72 to 318 or do the math in Topaz Photo AI to get the right pixels.

If you are upscaling an image, the px/in can be adjusted as of version 1.4 of Photo AI. Clicking the PX option of width and height fields in the upscale filter will allow you to select inches or centimeters and set the resolution.
Screenshot 2023-07-10 at 2.10.26 PM

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