Add Option to Post-Process with Another Program/Script

Could we please have the option to specify a tool/script which will run on the output file once it’s saved? This would help me as on every saved image I run a small utility to rename the output and make sure the “finished” JPG has the correct metadata.

In terms of operation you just need to provide the ability to select an executable, and then when save is complete run that with the output filename as parameter.


@andrew3-7835 Thanks for reaching out.

I’m not sure I completely understand your suggestion. Is the metadata on the output being corrupted in some way or are you looking for a better naming functionality for the exports?

Hi Tim,
There’s nothing wrong with the current export functionality.

However after I have processed the image in PhotoAI I want to rename the “original” file, rename the processed file with the original name, and write some IPTC data with the details of the Topaz processing. I have a program which does all that, I just need the ability to call it. I can already do so manually, but it would be great if it was automated.

In terms of the Topaz programs it’s a very simple change, you simply need a setting which can be set to the name of a selected executable, e.g. X.exe. Then after you have completed your processing and written the output file you run “X.exe [processed file].jpg”. That’s all I’m asking for.

This simple approach leaves each user free to make his/her own decisions about onward processing. Not everyone will need it, but a lot of users working in their own image management environment will find it useful, which is why a lot of other image processing programs (e.g. Capture One) support something similar so they can be “chained” together.


Got it, thanks for clarifying. I’ll discuss this with my developers to see how we can work this in!

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Hi @tim.he,
Have you made any progress on this one? I think it should be quite simple to implement, and I suspect it would be quite a boon to a subset of users.