Add New Deinterlace Functions For Standard Video

I’m constantly impressed by how often you update Topaz Video AI. You asked for some ideas and suggestions and I’d like to share some. There are a growing number of people and groups working with standard definition, NTSC video. Deinterlacing and reverse telecine are issues we face every day. The challenge is how to deliver the best possible image quality without sacrificing what little resolution we have. It boils down to deinterlacing what we call “studio” video recorded from cameras and “transfers” from film using a film chain.

We are restoring several hundred TV news stories from the 1970s. The original 2-inch tapes have been digitized and we are working with 720x486 ProRes 422 files. Currently we are deinterlacing using Hybrid and then up-scale to 720p using the Artemis Low Quality codex. The quality is good but we see stuttering and odd artifacts on pans and fast action. Our preference would to be able to handle everything inside Video AI.

Would you consider adding some more specialized functions.

A deinterlacing function specifically for standard definition video shot on video cameras. This might be based on Dione but add the ability to fine-tune. Many times, we find faint ghosting or double-images on these videos.

A deinterlacing function specifically for standard definition video shot on film cameras and transferred by telecine. It would include reverse telecine, 3:2 pulldown removal and the ability to fine-tune. Right now the same deinterlace method is used for everything.

Having these functions integrated in Video AI would allow you to design them in ways that maximize their quality and efficiency. I admit that we are doing preservation and limited restoration. We aren’t engineers and so many programs make deinterlacing extremely complicated. We end up with constant trial and effort. Video AI has been a game-changer for us. That means you have spoiled us. We want you to make everything easy and make us look good to our clients.

Since there is so much NTSC standard definition video being used this might be a valuable addition to your program.

Thanks for considering this

Andy Johnston