Add natural photo grain or match existing grain

When I’m enhancing old images sometimes they look too smooth and digital, and it would be helpful to have an ai film grain option. thanks

Have you tried hifi enhance, as the other models tend to get more cartoony removing noise and outlining edges. If you turn down the parameters then it actually does a good job of making a higher rez version of the noise.

The older version of it in gigapixel even had filmlike color noise but that has been cleaned up in photoai.


thanks for the suggestion - tried using hifi enhance on photo ai and it looks way more natural.

Need this :crossed_fingers:

There is other software that adds film effects and grain, think some are free, suggest you search for those.

They added the grain feature for video which could also be done in other software . Only seems logical to follow that for the photo app which a lot of people use to blow up film photography

Topaz did reply on another post, saying it was an effect but they want to concentrate on quality or something similar. I don’t use video.

This is strange because Topaz Studio had this feature.

There is Topaz video on youtube:

Would love the option to add grain or noise, like you can in Video AI app. This might help blend some of the overly smooth textures